Our sisters have chosen to honour several individuals with the title of Xi Delta Theta Sweetheart for their constant dedication, support to Xi Delta Theta in our philanthropic, social, and academic endeavours. Check out some of these outstanding individuals below!

Lucy Ryan

My name is Lucy Ryan and as Xi Delta Theta's Sweetheart I have had the honour and privilege of sharing these letters with the incredible women you are about to meet. While I’ve been friends with these ladies throughout my university career, our journey together has only just begun... While becoming a sister of XDT will undoubtably enrich your university experience, it will also offer you friendships that will last a lifetime, a place to call home, the opportunity to create tangible change in your community through philanthropic events, and will foster your personal growth! My advice for this rush period is to get to know as many sisters as you can, be yourself and have fun! The women of Xi Delt are unapologetically themselves, have beautiful personalities and pour their hearts into everything they do- whether it be a philanthropic event, supporting a sister, or cramming for midterms; the sisters of XDT will have your back and offer you unwavering support. Happy Rush and I can’t wait to meet you all!!


Lucy Ryan xoxo

Christian Robillard

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" - Seneca While


I count myself extremely lucky, if not privileged, to be a past sweetheart of Xi Delta Theta I could have never have prepared myself for the incredible opportunity bestowed on me. It was a dream to be able to share such a strong connection, and history with an organization as respectable and admirable as Xi Delta Theta. I've made the closest of friends through my affiliation with this organization and have been supported through so many highs and lows of my life: from fundraisers, to birthdays, to people moving away, to break ups. All of these I count as some of my fondest memories and moments in my life - ones I wouldn't change for anything in the world. If your aspiration is to have a good 2-4 years of post-secondary then you've come to the wrong organization. However, if you're ready for a great and transformational lifetime ahead of you then Xi Delta Theta is where you want to be. No other sorority will push you to become a better version of yourself, a great version, than the women who make up this distinguished organization. I can genuinely say that these women of varying backgrounds and walks of life have made me a better man.


Christian Robillard