Rush Etiquette


  • Try and meet as many sisters as you can! Tell them about yourself and make an impression that sticks.

  • Be yourself! If you don’t feel like Xi Delta Theta is somewhere that you fit in when you are being yourself, you won’t enjoy your time in the sorority. We always encourage girls to rush more than one organization in order to find their best fit!

  • Ask questions! We are here to guide you through your first step into Greek Life.

  • Be responsible and respectful. 

  • Be creative with costumes for mixers, and have fun with it. Sisters love going all out with our themed parties, so don’t feel like you’ll be the only one!

  • Make sure to tell one of the rush chairs before you leave all events. We want to make sure that you are safe, so please get a sister or fellow rush to walk with you home.

  • Rush again if you don’t get a bid the first time; we want you to come back in order to get the chance to know you better.

  • Come to as many events as you can! This will let us know that you truly are interested in becoming a member, and will give us as much time as possible to get to know you.



  • Do something that you are not comfortable with, and please let any of the sisters know if there is something bothering you at anytime! Our goal is for you to have fun and enjoy yourself.

  • Be nervous or intimidated! We are putting ourselves out there as much you are.

  • Skip class, or use rush as an excuse; school always comes first.


Keep in mind: The most important aspect of our sorority is the bond of sisterhood that it provides. Make sure to get to know as many sisters as possible in order to maximize your chances of getting a bid!