• Xi Delta Theta Sorority

#XiDay Spotlight

Thank god it's XiDay! Every Friday, we will share with you amazing accomplishments of our sisters. This week we are featuring our Beta Alpha sister, Dominique Steele and her photography company Visuals by Veronica. Check out how photography has changed Dom's life:

"Photography was something the lines of a hidden talent for me. I never thought I would ever turn it into something this big. Or see it have so much potential. Taking pictures was something that I just liked doing when I went to new places or just casually walking down the street.

I realistically started taking pictures when I was about in the 9th or 10th grade. There was this massive ice storm in my home town. And nobody could make it to school because everything froze over. So, I grabbed my old school Samsung, and went outside to take pictures of the ice on the trees and the bushes. I remember the first photo I took. It was of the trees being weighed down from the ice with the sun reflecting off of it. It was so beautiful and timeless. I showed my mom and she was so excited. Me being me, I was wondering what all the hype was about. But as a started taking more photos, I realized, I actually have a talent for this. I can make this into something huge! I started saving up my money and upgraded my phone every now and then. I think what made me different from all the other photographers out there, was that I used my cell phone (whether it had poor or great quality), instead of a professional camera.

Anyhow, I just recently applied for a grant to start my photography company, Visuals by Veronica. I am also launching my website in a few weeks. In addition to that, I am ordering my business cards next week, I’m finally moving on up and investing in a camera and my photography Instagram account, @visualsbyveronica, has already launched. So, a lot of things are happening, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Being able to make money and travel was something that I’ve been so set on figuring out. I’ve a few trips booked for 2019, 2020 and 2021 to spice up my travel feed a little bit more, @domiiniquesteele. And I’d have to say, that is my favorite part about photography. I get to see the world. Taking photos definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone. And I’m ok with that.

Photography is an art that is so beautiful. You can capture any moment with the click of a button. And to me that’s magical. I love what I do. And I couldn’t be happier in life".

Follow her Instagram account @visualsbyveronica for more amazing pictures like these. Happy XiDay!