• Xi Delta Theta Sorority

#XiDay: Can you Belize Summer is Over?

As soon as summer has started, it is ending just as fast. The sisters of Xi Delta Theta have had an amazing summer and we wanted to share one last adventure with you. Check out what our Beta Gamma sister, Brianna, did on her life changing trip to Belize! We can't of a better way to spend our time than travelling with a purpose and learning from the amazing sights we see.

“Travelling and global development have always been the two biggest passions in my life. This summer I had the pleasure of combining the two by going on an experiential learning trip to Belize. As a student, I am involved in and taking classes through the religion department, with a specific focus on indigenous religions. This trip, through Carleton University, gave me the opportunity to work with several Maya villages in the Toledo district of Belize. Our stay was short, a mere two weeks, but in that time we accomplished everything we set out to do. We completed the purpose of our trip, learned about the Maya and Belizean cultures, became inseparable from our fellow trip-mates, and formed bonds with those who graciously allowed us into their communities and their homes. Our purpose was to aid in the creation of a map for the village of Aguacate, in relation to the Maya Land Rights case. This meant that we would work closely with the leaders of the village, going on extensive hikes through their lands, farms and forestry. This involved working with cartography and GPS systems to mark our plots. An amazing set of skills I never thought I would obtain. Throughout this trip, I met amazing individuals and had the privilege to hear their stories and learn their culture. This trip provided me with clarity and fueled my drive for my future endeavours. I will never be able to truly put into words the positivity that this trip has added to my life and the lives of everyone else who was involved. To me, this trip gave travelling a new meaning.”

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