• Xi Delta Theta Sorority

#XiDay: Alumni Edition

It's been a minute, and the Xi Delts missed you. This week for our #Xiday spotlight, we want to feature our amazing Alpha Sigma sister, Bianca! After graduating from Carleton, Bianca continues to be a dedicated sister and we can't be more proud of her accomplishments. Please read what she has going on in her crazy and exciting journey coordinating Latin Sparks!

"After graduating with my BA in Communications, I really was unsure as to what the future would hold for me. Fast forward a year later and I would have never picture myself being apart of a team that puts on Canada’s biggest block party. I started working for Latin Sparks Festival this past January as their event coordinator. From venues, artists, food, marketing and so much more, I have poured so much work into something that is truly unlike any other. This year was bigger and better than ever, with a multi day festival hitting Ottawa. Our Main Event Block Party was where all the magic happened. We turned Albert Island into the streets of Havana, bringing lights, sound, music and culture to the people of Ottawa. I was so happy to be able to have my sisters, Trish, Emma W, Aliah, Natalee, and my Little Kera work the bars all night. We also had sisters come out to enjoy the festival and support us! This made my experience just that much better. Being able to show off all my hard work with not only my sisters, but 4000 other is something that I am so incredibly proud of. Next stop for me is Latin Sparks Toronto, which takes place August 15-18. If you’re interested in coming out, making sure to check us out on Instagram at @latinsparksfestival! Xi Love."

Anything is possible when you believe. Have a great weekend everyone!

Catch Bianca showing off her Latin Sparks shirt while surrounded by her supportive sisters!