• Xi Delta Theta Sorority

Xi Delt Always Gives Back

We're halfway through rush, but we still want you to meet our pillar chairs. First up is Karly Labbe and Ella Narraway! They are our philanthropy chair and reflect how compassion and a lot of determination goes a long way. Here's what they had to say about what Xi Delt did for her:

"I rushed Xi Delta Theta in the Winter semester of my first year at University of Ottawa because I found it hard to make new lasting friendships after missing frosh and while living off campus. XDT gave me all the friends I wished for and so much more". - Karly

"It was in class after a group discussion on my first day of 2nd year university and one of my peers, a very sweet red headed girl named Liv, said, “not to be a typical sorority girl, but would you want to come to a wing night event we have tonight?” Of course, how could I say no to wings? Plus what would it hurt to meet some more students and potential friends? So I jumped right in, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I had only heard about sororities in movies and had no idea what they were about. I went to the pub that night and was overwhelmed and slightly intimidated by the amount of sisters there. But, I took a seat and met a few girls that I immediately admired for their academic goals/achievements and their genuinely positive personalities. I went to a few more events thinking nothing would come out of it. But the more I got to know the sisters and learn what the sorority was about and their values I began to consider the possibility of me joining. When the opportunity to be a sister came about I thought, why not? I was curious to know who I could be and how I could grow as a sister, socially, mentally, academically, and as a leader and community member. I thought, how could I pass up such an opportunity? An opportunity I may never have again? And I am glad I decided to say yes", - Ella