• Xi Delta Theta Sorority

Mamma Mia... Here We Go Again

The fun never stops! A new week brings new adventures and this has never been more true for our Alpha Omega sister, Samantha Holmberg, and our Beta Alpha sister, Nicole Opsteen! Check out what Nicole had to say about her once in a lifetime trip!

"Sam and I have travelled Greece for about 1.5 weeks now. After exploring Athens we jumped on a ferry to begin our island hopping adventure, beginning in Mykonos. Mykonos is known as a European spring break hotspot. This isn’t surprising, as the island is surrounded by beautiful turquoise water, gorgeous beaches, and wild waterfront nightlife! We met many travellers from all over the globe at our hostel. Many who are also in Greek organizations, and many whom we are hoping to reconnect with later during our trip. Overall, getting lost in the town’s maze-like alleyways, and spending a day in the infamous paradise bay on a boat are among my top Mykonos highlights. After Mykonos, we made our way to Santorini, one of Greece’s most well known islands. So far we have hiked to the top of Santorini’s last active volcano, swam in hot springs, rode donkeys to the top of Thirasia, explored on ATV and completed the 9K hike along the cliffs of Fira to Oia. Once in Oia, we had dinner with friends we made in Mykonos and together enjoyed the sunset. Oia is known for having one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world and I am so grateful to have witnessed it with new friends and my Xi Delt sister. We have a few more days left in Santorini before we take an overnight ferry to Crete. I’m looking forward to enjoying one more week of this crazy Greek Adventure. -353".

If you ever need a travel buddy or a guide throughout your favourite European countries, the sisters of Xi Delt always have your back.