• Xi Delta Theta Sorority

Greek Goddesses

Last minute trips are the best trips. This week, our Alpha Omega sister, Sam Holmberg and our Beta Alpha sister, Nicole Opsteen, packed up their bags and headed to Greece! Check out what Sam had to say about their trip so far!

“Nicole and I met on a trip to Cuba before she became a sister. We instantly hit it off and became super close. Nicole graduated this year and was looking for a chance to go on a trip. We got to talking and we ended up booking a trip to Greece on a spontaneous whim! We got into Athens a couple days ago and we’re having such a great time! We walked all around the city today, and stood at the top of the acropolis, which had the most incredible views. Athens is such an old city and you can tell as you walk through and experience all the culture, and the historic sites. We had lunch at the cutest little restaurant tucked into the hills of Athens, where we chatted, drank wine, and shared the most amazing plate of chicken souvlaki you could ever dream of. Our plan is island hop from Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete, staying in hostels along the way. I am so happy to be doing this with a sister and one of my best friends. Our travel styles are matched pretty well and I cannot wait to experience the next couple weeks with her!”

Stay tuned for Grecian updates from Nicole!