• Xi Delta Theta Sorority

Diving into New Adventures

If there's one thing that Xi Delts love to do, it's do new things that challenge us to be braver and stronger people. From travelling alone across the world to jumping out of a plane, we conquer our fears with grace and enthusiasm. Check out what our Beta Gamma sister Elif had to say about her skydiving experience!

"Skydiving was never something I could see myself doing until I did it! I've always been one to push the limits of my comfort zone, but skydiving was always a very far away thing for me. I used to be moderately afraid of heights. Not too much, but I wouldn't say I was comfortable either. When my roommate asked me to go skydiving with her at first I immediately shut her down and she had to bug me lots before I gave in. All in all I am so happy to have done it. Ever since I did, I've become so much more confident and sure. Now when faced with any adversity, big or small, I'll say, "If I can jump out of a plane at 13,000 feet in the air, I can manage this!" The view up there is amazing and if ever you are not sure whether or not you should do it, I would strongly recommend that you do! It was a breathtaking experience and it made me appreciate the world that much more".