• Xi Delta Theta Sorority

A European Dream

With summer here, comes more amazing adventures. From Florida to Greece, our sisters have been seizing every opportunity to explore and experience unique adventures; and our Alpha Upsilon sister, Imani Thomas, is no exception! Read below about her once in a lifetime opportunity in Switzerland:

"This summer I'm working in the job of my dreams in Switzerland! When I'm not working, I'm busy traveling around nearby cities and countries and picking up Swiss German (or trying to, at least!) Living and working abroad in a new country can honestly be pretty challenging, but it is also very rewarding! You get to see all of the beautiful and cool things that you had only ever seen online, but you also witness the imperfect aspects of society which makes for a more honest (and therefore, better) experience. I've found that stepping out of your comfort zone is really the only way you get to explore, meet new people and learn not just about the place, but more about yourself. I've also found a renewed love for cheese and chocolate, but I'll save that for a different type of blog!"

We hope you're all having an amazing time this summer and finding yourself in places you never thought you would. Stay tuned for endless fun and inspiration!