Let Us Ease Your Concerns

We understand how intimidating it can be to start university or college. A sorority is a great place for to grow and learn in a safe environment. For those beyond their first year, joining a sorority can expand your social circles and provide you with new opportunities! No matter what, you will have the support of the entire chapter as we all pursue Excellence, Determination, and Trust Eternal as sisters.


Xi Delta Theta sorority abides by a zero-tolerance hazing policy, as written out by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa, the University of Ottawa Greek Council, the Carleton University Student Association, the Carleton University Greek Council and our constitution. Our goal is promote positive relationships and personal growth for our Sisters, New Members and Potential New Members and as a result hazing has no place in our organization.


Building social relationships is a major part of attending a post-secondary institution. Xi Delta Theta strives to foster this in a healthy environment at our monthly social events. At every sanctioned sorority event where alcohol is present, we have designated sober sisters who are tasked with ensuring the safety of everyone present. We ensure that if Fraternity members at our social events also have designated sober brothers. Xi Delta Theta does not condone the use of illegal drugs or underage drinking, and any sisters partaking in these activities at sorority events are subject to disciplinary action.


We are first and foremost students; therefore our priority is our education. We strive for academic excellence and believe that academics come first before social events. Our organization has two designated Scholarship Chairs that are in charge of keeping track of our sisters academic standings and helping girls who may be struggling in school. We have organized study dates, hosted workshops for academic and professional development and our members also often have classes together, and make great study buddies!